What are NetEnt Touch Slots?

April 19, 2016 In Blog

NetEnt Touch

NetEnt are a company who specialize in the design and supply of a large and very varied range of casino games which can be found in the gaming suites of casino sites using an instant play no download gamin platform.

Their range of slot games have proven to be so very popular with online slot players that land based betting shop operators in the UK have recently started to use some of their range of slot games on their Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, or FOBT’s as they are known.

However, it will not have escaped your notice that over the last few years many slot players, and that may include you, have started to play slot games on their mobile devices, whether those devices are tablets or smart phones.

This has led many of the major online casino game designers to start to bring out a range of games that are fully compatible with those mobile devices. That is something that NetEnt have recently started to do and as such you will come across a collection of what are known as NetEnt Touch slot games being made available to you when you are playing at a number of mobile casino sites.

Unlike some mobile slot and casino game designers who have made their games compatible with every single type of mobile device, including some of the older styled mobile phones, NetEnt have concentrated their efforts on launching slot games that have been designed to work seamlessly on mobile devices with a touch screen facility, hence the name NetEnt Touch.

As such when playing any of their slot games on a mobile device which boasts a touch screen facility, you simply have to tap onto the spin button for example to send the slot game reels spinning, or swipe your mobile device when playing any slot to view the pay table of the slot you are playing.

Playing NetEnt Touch Slot Games

If you have not yet experience the joys of playing NetEnt Touch slot games like the online classics StartBurst and Gonzo’s Quest on your mobile device, then you may be wondering what if any differences there are going to be between NetEnt’s online slot games and these new mobile compatible slot games.

Well, as mentioned above the way in which you set the slots playing is by you simply tapping onto the spin button or the max bet button and once you do tap either of those two buttons the reels will be sent into live play.

However, before you do send the reels spinning you are going to have a range of different staking options and ways of configure any NetEnt Touch slot game you have chosen to play. You will be able to adjust the number of paylines you want to activate on optional pay line slots, and will also have the ability of changing the coin values and will also be able to decrease or increase the number of coins per payline you do send into live play.

The way in which you view the pay tables is by either tapping onto the pay table button or swiping the slot game screen with your finger, you will however only be able to view the pay table when the reels are not spinning, if you are playing off a bonus game or bonus feature then only when those games and feature have ended and stopped playing out will you be able to view the pay table of that slot.

One final thing to note about playing any of the range of NetEnt touch slot games is that in addition to playing them for real money, you will of course have the ability of testing them out via a free play version of each slot.

Maybe that is worth doing just so you can experience the slightly different way you will be sending each spin into live play and to allow you to get to grips with altering and adjusting the stakes and paylines etc!

NetEnt Touch Slots Available and RTP’s

One very important question that you may have about NetEnt Touch slots is whether they have been set to return the exact same long term expected payout percentages as their namesake slots offer when playing them online!

That is of course an important question, for you will certainly not want to have to make any compromises in regards to the payout percentages you will be achieving when playing slots on your mobile device, well the answer to that question is no!

Both the NetEnt designed online and mobile slot games all play and pay with the same payout percentages, so no compromises will have to be made in regards to how much you can win when playing in either playing environment!

You may also be wondering just how large and varied the range of NetEnt Touch slot games are and as such we are happy to let you know that many of the back catalogues of the online slot games NetEnt have designed over the last few years have been made into completely mobile device compatible games.

Plus, NetEnt are also launching their brand new online slot games onto their mobile gaming platform at the same time, and as such over time you will find a very steady and constant selection of brand new slot games will be offered to you at your chosen mobile casinos site using the NetEnt Touch range of slot games.

You will also find progressive slot games are available in addition to video slots, and as such not only are your going to find you can and will trigger all manner of unique base features and bonus games when playing their mobile slots but you will also have the chance of winning a life changing jackpot too!

So if you do fancy playing slot games on your touch screen mobile device you really are going to be impressed by the range of games available from NetEnt, which as mentioned above you can play at any time you like and from anywhere for free or you can give them a shot via the real money modes.

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