Top 10 Tips for Playing Real Money Slots Online

March 02, 2017 In Blog

More than half the games in the libraries of most online casinos are those of slots. Although online casinos offer a variety of games such as table games, card games, video pokers, and instant wins, their focus is on slots. This is simply because online casino players love slots.

Online slots are governed by simple rules. They come in a variety of themes, ranging from classic to sports. Many noted providers such as Playtech and Net Entertainment sign deals with movie producers, comic book houses, and television shows to develop branded slots with amazing features. Online slots are loaded with payment-enhancement features. But unlike games of blackjack and poker, slots are chance-based games. So players will not be able to find any strategies that will help them win.

Despite this, players can use these top 10 tips while playing real money slots online as they will definitely improve their chances of winning and cut down their losses.

Choose Your Online Casino with Care

Research an online casino well before creating an account there. There are plenty of rogue casinos around, so you should be really careful and check out the online casino’s licensing and ownership information before you sign up.

If you are a player who loves slots, register at online casinos that focus on slots, offer plenty of slots games and slots-specific bonuses, and run lucrative slots tournaments.

Read the Rules

All slots are based on standard slots rules, but each slot stands in a class of its own. The classic slots are simpler while the multiline video slots are complex. Before wagering real money on the game, players have to play a few games for free so that they understand thoroughly what the slot is all about. Remember to check out the slot information, rules, and pay table before wagering real money on the game.

Understanding Volatility

When one is talking about slot volatility, one is actually talking about the risk factors associated with that slot. But this does not mean that the low-risk slots are better than the high-risk slots. The simple truth is that all gambling activities are risky, but slot review sites have given five stars to slots of low volatility as well as slots of high volatility.

So how do you decide what type of online slot to play? If you don’t have a huge bankroll, low volatility slots are the best for you. You will win small prizes every now and then. The fixed jackpots are smaller, but they can be hit more often.

Most players prefer to play slots with medium volatility. They pay out slightly bigger prizes than the low volatility slots do. While playing online slots of medium volatility or variance, players need to keep an eye on their bankroll otherwise it can get depleted in no time.

All the jackpot slots are high volatility slots. If you win, you will win a breathtakingly huge sum of money. Otherwise, you will just lose your bets and go home penniless. So you will be betting a lot of money and taking higher risks. If you do not have enough money that you can afford to lose, you had better stick to the low variance and mid variance slots.

The best strategy is to play a judicious mix of all the above-mentioned type of slots.

Understanding Return to Player (RTP)

Before players start betting real money on online slots, they must understand terms such as RTP and hit frequency. RTP is defined as the percentage of the players’ wagers that will be returned to them as winnings by the online casino. For example, if the casino offers an RTP of 90%, it means that it is returning as winnings 90% of the total bets placed on the games.

Read this article for more information about RTP and Payout Ratios.

Learn to Choose Loose Slots

Hit frequency is defined as the number of times an online slot will display a winning combination on its gaming screen. For example, a slot with a hit frequency of ten percent will display winning combinations about ten percent of the time. If a player hits winning combinations a lot on an online slot, it could be a loose slot or a slot with a high hit frequency. If he/she does hit winning combinations for a long time, he/she has landed up with a tight slot.

Use Promotions to Boost Bankrolls

The best online slots casinos run promotions to improve the value of their online casino product. Promotions not only attract new players, but also give existing ones an incentive to play. Besides boosting traffic to the online slots casino, they create an atmosphere of fun and excitement at the online casino. Players love promotions because it gives them a chance to boost their bankrolls.

Players can use promotions to win free spins, extra cash bonuses, grab deposit bonuses, and earn extra loyalty points. Some promotions are in the form of leader board races or slots tournaments, giving players the chance to win attractive cash and non-cash prizes. Online slots players have been known to use promotions to win luxury cruise packages, movie tickets, cars, iPhones, cash, and many other exciting prizes at online casinos.

Limit Playing Time on Mobile Devices

Mobile gaming technology has made casinos easily accessible. Thanks to the latest HTML5 technology, players can carry their favorite online slots casinos in their pockets and access them whenever and wherever they wish. They do not even have to download any native mobile casino gaming app as the latest HTML5 technology enables them to load the games directly in their browsers.

Although playing on the move is fun, the fact that they make online slots easily accessible is their biggest disadvantage. When online slots become too accessible to players, it is easier to blow one’s bankroll on them.

If you are player who is conscious about bankroll management, avoid playing online slots on your mobile device. Play online slots only on your laptop or desktop when you are at home in order to avoid overspending on online slots games.

Progressive Jackpots Are Harder to Hit

Progressive slots are very attractive to players because of that life-transforming jackpot they are associated with. But most players are unaware of the fact that progressive jackpots are harder to hit.

We are not suggesting that players should stay away from progressive slots. In fact, playing progressive slots is an online casino experience that players just should not miss. On the contrary, we urge players to play a judicious mixture of fixed jackpot and progressive jackpot slots.

Avoid focusing only progressive jackpot slots because you will end up broke and frustrated. Since progressive slots offer enormous rewards, they pay only once in a while. Since fixed jackpots are smaller in size and fixed in nature, they are paid out often.

One more reason to play progressive jackpot slots sparingly is that most of them require players to bet maximum to qualify for the progressive jackpot. Make sure you select slots that yield the top jackpots and progressive jackpots even if you don’t bet maximum.

Activate All Paylines and Bet Maximum

The best way to play is to activate all paylines and bet maximum. It may cost a great deal of money to do this, but it definitely maximizes your chances of winning.

Manage Your Bankroll Well

The importance of bankroll management can never be stressed too much. Slots are chance-based games that appear eager to separate players’ of their money, so players can never be too careful while playing slots online for real money. Limit your bankroll as well as your gaming session and never gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Establish win and loss limits before you play. As soon as you have won or lost the pre-determined amount of money during a gaming session, stop playing. The most successful slots players know exactly when to quit.

To conclude, the best slots strategy is to have fun. Avoid playing slots for profits as you will only end up getting frustrated. Accept the fact that you will win only if Lady Luck smiles on you and enjoy your slots gaming experience.

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