Five Common Deposit Mistakes Not to Make

March 12, 2018 In Blog

Time is a tricky little fellow and one we oftentimes allow to slip through our fingers unnoticed. Caught up in a whirlwind of work, bills and family obligations, it’s no wonder that we can hardly ever afford to indulge in leisure. Gone are the long unhurried games of golf, the rambling strolls and energetic gym sessions. The good news is that the convenience of playing games in an online casino is right at our fingertips – and what better way to unwind than by winning a little extra money at blackjack or roulette?
Online casinos are all the rage right now and with good reason – the games are stimulating, interactive and boast stunning sounds and graphics, especially the slot games. Hundreds of gaming enthusiasts are seduced every day – but, before you make your first deposit, here are five common deposit mistakes you might want to look out for:

1) Faking it

Liar, liar, pants on fire. Registering is the first step towards playing in an online casino. Whatever your reason for signing up using fake credentials – be it because you’re under 18, are located in a prohibited jurisdiction or you hold a prior account with the same casino – you can rest assured that you certainly won’t be collecting any winnings in the near future. Most reputable casinos will ask for documentation to prove your identity so, if you’ve claimed you live in Wonderland, you better have the documents to prove it. Some casinos will ask for verification from the word go, others will require it upon your first deposit, while still others will wait until you’ve made your first win.

2) Sleeping with the Enemy

There’s a staggering amount of choice when it comes to finding an online casino, but it’s always wise to pick and choose. A good rule of thumb is that, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Some untrustworthy casinos will reel in unsuspecting rookies (new gamblers) by offering overwhelmingly attractive welcome bonuses designed to scam gamers of their hard-earned deposit money. So, if you don’t want your bank details to end up in the wrong hands, always check that your chosen casino is thoroughly licensed and regulated. Licenses issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, the Government of Curacao and the UK Gambling Commission are some of the most reputable out there.

3) Cash or Card

Although this may seem rather obvious, it’s surprising how easily potential gamblers forget to check the casino’s payment methods before signing up. For example, if your preferred method of payment is by eWallet or online bank transfer, you have to choose a casino which lists these options as payment methods. These will usually be easily accessible right on the casino home page; it’s also a good idea to check deposit and withdrawal limits, processing time and accepted currencies before going any further.

4) Not Knowing the Ropes

Reading may seem a nuisance when you’re eager to play, but there’s a lot to be won by going through the fine print. First off, if the terms and conditions of your chosen casino are not plainly accessible, then you might want to consider playing somewhere else, as this may be a sign of an unreliable gaming site. The terms and conditions will also provide a list of restricted countries, which can be pretty useful, especially if you currently reside in one of those countries! Some casinos also carry specific town restrictions, and may ask you to close your account if you are not eligible to play. In that case, you may kiss any winnings goodbye. Lastly, the terms and conditions will carry important information about wagering requirements, omitted games, how bonus money is paid out and whether the bonuses are cashable.

5) Splashing Out

The facility of spending money online is a double-edged sword, and it’s very easy to overspend if you’re on a roll. Money management is an essential skill that gamblers have to learn if they don’t want to end up in debt. Try to set a limit on how much you want to wager every day, or whenever you play, and stick to it. In gambling terms, this practise is known as a bankroll. If you are unsure how best to go about this, some online casinos may help by setting a limit on your account. Make sure that your deposit limit reflects your personal finances and don’t go over what you can afford. It’s also a bad idea to chase your losses – be a graceful loser, and resist the urge to be reckless. You’ll also find that many casinos offer support for gambling addiction.

The Last Word

Keep all this is mind and you’ll be well on the way on becoming a successful online gamer. Whether it is slots that float your boat, or blackjack, baccarat or roulette, and with new games being added every day, exciting promotions popping up at every moment and titillating events cropping up regularly, there’s no excuse for not enjoying your time off.