Advanced Slot Playing Strategies

November 06, 2016 In Blog

Advanced Slot Playing Strategies

Please do spend as much time as you have looking through as many of our slot playing guides and articles of which we do have plenty of them avail be on our website. By doing so you will find plenty of slot playing hints and tips and could increase your chances of winning big when you next get the urge to play any number of slot games online!

This guide is one in which we are going to be taking a look at some of the more advanced slot playing system and strategies, and as such if you are well versed and experienced at playing slot games and slot machines then do please read on as there may be a few valuable snippets of information you will find useful.

Also keep in mind that every single slot game you do access and decide to play online is a random game of chance, and there are never going to be any guarantees that you will end any slot playing session in profit.

However, by knowing how slot games play and pay you can often dramatically increase your chances of winning on multiple slot playing sessions when you do know what to look out for. If you do end any session in profit then never risk losing back your winnings, and the way to guarantee you lock in a profit is to withdraw your winnings straight away!

Live RTP Slot Game Data

One fairly recent development that a handful on online casino sites will be offering you via their website is live or up to the minute RTP information in regards to just how much their slot games are paying out currently.

As such do be on the lookout for casino sites that do offer this type of information, as by taking a look at it you will get to see a list of slot games that are currently hot or cold!

When you look through the live RTP data the slots which are classed as cold ones are slots that have a current low RTP compared to the ones they have been set to return to players, and as such those slots may just be about to start paying out to increase the RTP of that slot and bring it back up to what it has been designed to payout.

On the other hand, you will also find the lots that are currently classed as hot, and those are slots which at the current moment in time have RTP’s that are higher in value than they have been designed to return to players over the long term.

You will then have to make the decision of playing those slot games in the hope that they will continue to payout, or avoid playing them as there may be a very good chance they will begin to tighten up as the RTP then settles down to what they have been designed to payout!

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Feature and Progressive Jackpot Guarantees

The savviest of slot players will always be on the lookout for slot games that due to their playing structures and formats are going to guarantee that you will either win a progressive jackpot or trigger their bonus game.

With that in mind you will often find quite a number of slot games you can play online that will offer one or more progressive jackpot that is guaranteed to be awarded to players when that jackpot or jackpots have reached a certain value.

If you spot a slot which does offer such a progressive jackpot then you are going to have a much greater chance of winning the progressive jackpot if it is no far off its guaranteed hit by amount. So always checkout the current value of those progressive jackpots when you fancy playing a progressive jackpot slot and want a very good chance of winning the jackpot on offer!

Some slot games may also offer you s bonus type game that is going to be guaranteed to hit in a certain number of base game spins played off.

Much like the progressive jackpots mentioned above you should check the hit by meters on those slot games and if they are nearing the point in time when the bonus games are guaranteed to be triggered then you really should be sitting down and playing those slots.

As the bonus games may turn out to be very high paying ones, and it will only cost you a small amount of cash to play off the required number of spins to trigger them!

Taking Advantage of Winning Streaks

One final aspect of playing slot games online is that there will often be sessions on which you can do no wrong. Many players are going to experience days when no matter what slot games they do play they keep on winning either via the base game or they trigger lots of high paying bonus feature rounds.

If you are looking to maximize your winning potential when playing slot games online then be on the lookout for those winning streaks, and one way that you can increase the value of the payouts you are receiving and achieving is by increasing the stakes you are playing for slowly but surely!

If you start off playing slots for let’s say stakes of just a penny, then when you do experience a good run of luck start to increase the number of coins you wager per payline, or increase the coin values you are playing for instead.

If your luck continues then by playing for much higher stakes you will receive much higher valued payouts, but keep in mind that winning streak could end at any time, so never continue to play for higher stakes if the slot game you are playing starts to tighten up.

Also one final thing to remember is that you will need to cash out some or all of your winnings when you win big, as you will not want to lose them all