7 Things You Should Know when Playing Slot Machines Online or at Land Based Casinos

December 14, 2016 In Blog

What you need to know about slot machines

1) Highest denomination slot machines generally offer the best return payouts.

This is because more total money goes into the higher-denomination machines even though there are fewer players, which allows the casinos to give a better return percentage. When playing slot machines at the maximum number of credits, you can finds payback odds of almost 100%. The same rule holds true for jackpots. The more credits you play, the jackpot-return increases in percentage-increments bigger than the increase in credits played. For example, if you play two coins and hit a jackpot for a return of 1,000 coins, a three-coin play can win 4,000 coins on the same jackpot.

2) Odds of hitting progressive-linked jackpots like Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune at land-based casinos do not change.

This holds true regardless of which casino you’re playing at. The reason is because the casino and the slot machine software enterprise share in the profits and both want the uniform odds so that there’s no imbalance of slot players from casino to casino in any given casino area. However, there are differences in odds between progressive-linked slot machines from one gaming area to another.

3) Online slots and progressive jackpots generally offer better payout returns and odds of hitting jackpots than land based casinos.

This is true for the main reason that online slot operators do not have the costs to maintain their machines that real casinos do. There are also more types of online slots and progressive jackpots online, however, they do not have the colorful appeal and the cacophony of sounds that land-based slot machines do. Many players actually don’t mind a slightly lower payout rate in real casinos because of their preference of the atmosphere inside them.

4) Both online and land-based casino slot machines are a comp and bonus hunters dream.

However, the types of comps are different. Online, the slot player receives cash and casino credits only. There are no dinner comps, free hotel rooms or anything else that’s offered in the physical world of land-based casinos. For the pure gamblers, the cash and casino credits are better. But for those players who like gambling while on holiday, the various casino comps are more appealing.

5) There are many factors to consider before choosing online or land-based slot machines.

For those slot players who have access to both online and land-based slot machines, the choice of which to play can be tricky. The pure gambling aspect of it of course favors online slots, even if there are occasional technical problems with a site and hassles with cashing out. Also you don’t have to go anywhere to play, even if the nearest land-based casino is just down the road. But what you can never duplicate online is the great lively atmosphere and excitement that land-based casinos have. The lights, the noise, the music, the chatter and the restaurants make slot-play a completely different experience.

6) There is very little chance of being cheated by any slot machine.

Be it online or at the land-based casino, you can feel safe while playing. The reason why is quite simple: Why would online and land-based casino operators cheat you if they can just simply set the payoff return as they please. While there have been many casino-employee scams targeting slot-machine jackpots, they don’t have any effect on the integrity of slot-play concerning the patrons.

7) There is some misleading advertising of both online and land-based slots.

Occasionally there have been reports of incidents of false advertising and misrepresentation of slot-payoff return, but this is usually minor and not considered real cheating. Players who are concerned about this should make sure they understand correctly what the casino is offering and then make sure that the casino complies.